Company Profile

D’Gipro Systems has formidable domain knowledge in the field of electronics systems conceptualization, design validation, simulation, proto typing, functional testing, quality assurance and production. We are one of the global leaders in design and manufacture of QFN, BGA, MCMs, thick film hybrid micro circuits and Systems in Packing (SIPs) using multiple dyes and dissimilar technologies like Flip Chips and Stacked Dyes and MEMS packaging. We have the expertise to manufacture multi layered PCBs, RF Modules / assemblies, modular integrated solutions, and embed passive components, Saw filters, antennas including EMI shielding.

We are a business house with class 5000 clean environment, screen printing, profiling die attach, plasma cleaning, wire bonding of 0.35 micron pitch, molding / dicing with BGA /QFN technology, lazer trimming and wave soldering. To meet defense and aerospace applications, we are equipped with high resolution testing and calibration devices for R&D work and most modern furnaces / ovens/ vacuums and humidity chambers to produce MIL standard components. We have also diversified into reengineering of highly complex and vintage systems / subsystems to provide innovative and cost effective solutions in the field of air defence missile systems and testers, avionics, AFV electronics, radars and tactical communication systems.

D’Gipro has more than 25 years of industry experience in compliance with standards including MIL/JSS 55555 MIL 19500, MIL 883, MIL 810, MIL 461 etc., while performing the following:

  • Design and manufacturing for Defence, DRDO Labs and Global OEMs.
  • Design and Manufacture of Chips, sub-systems, PCB assemblies and complete systems on a turnkey basis (Electronics Manufacturing & Supply).
  • Design and manufacture of customized System-in-Package solutions (SIP).
  • Design and manufacture of micro-electronic devices for custom applications.
  • Electronic System Integration Solutions.


D’Gipro Systems Private Limited,
11th Floor, DCM Building, 16, Barrakhamba
Road, New Delhi 110001
Phone: +91 11 6500 0812
Fax: +91 11 4975 3347

Key Information

Year Founded 1987
2013 Annual Sales INR 282 Million
Employees Approximately 150
Locations New Delhi, Bangalore & San Jose

Corporate Structure

D’Gipro Systems is composed of four business segments:

  • Aerospace

Aerospace Systems provides integrated solutions for the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and provides modernization, upgrade, sustainment, and maintenance and logistics support for a wide variety of aircraft, missile and ground systems.

  • Land Systems

Land Systems provides a broad range of components, subsystems and related services for military operations, including obsolescence management and electronics reengineering.

  • Marine Systems

Marine Systems provides a range of systems and subsystems and systems for radar simulation, sonar surveillance, signal processing, track management, electronic warfare, power management and other systems to counter sophisticated sea-based threats.

  • IT & Communication

Communication Systems provides products and subsystems specializing in strategic and tactical airborne, ground and sea-based communication systems, enterprise IT services, analytics and intelligence analysis.